Caroline Müller was born in Oss (the Netherlands). She moved with her family to Germany in 1979. In 1980 she was a member of the girl quartet Optimal. After that (starting in 1985) she collaborated with Dieter Bohlen under the name C. C. Catch.

Dieter Bohlen was the driving force behind her records, writing and producing all the songs. This partnership led to a string of major Top 10 and #1 Pop chart hits beginning with "I Can Lose My Heart Tonight" in 1985, "Cause You Are Young" and "Strangers By Night" released in 1986 proved to be major hits in mainland Europe. C. C. Catch went on to have Gold and Platinum selling albums and gain a sizable fanbase, particularly in Spain where most of her singles went to Number 1. The C. C. Catch and Dieter Bohlen partnership began to wane by the late 1980s. C. C. Catch wanted to participate in the creative process by contributing her own material, but Bohlen did not agree. This led to the split between singer and producer in 1989. The same year she recorded in England an album Hear What I Say, partially produced by Andy Taylor of Duran Duran.

In 1993 she wrote the song "Harmonix" which is released on the JAM NATION (a project by Peter Gabriel) Album "Way Down Below Buffalo Hell". The backing vocals were sung by C. C. Catch. After this, she took time off from the music industry for much of the 1990s, instead focusing on spiritual growth, living in Paris. She made her return in 1999 with regular successful concerts and touring. In 2003 C. C. Catch covered Was (Not Was) (with Ozzy Osbourne and Kim Basinger) song "Shake Your Head", which was #34 hit on UK Dance Charts. She finally released her new single, "Silence", written by C. C. Catch herself, in 2004. "Silence" became a moderate hit. It just missed the Top 40 of the German Pop chart, peaking at #47. She has continued her career, but with moderate success.

For a time C. C. Catch, cooperating with Russian electronic music producer Dmitri Frolov, was working on new songs such as "Supernature Power". Its first version was presented on a Caro's Forbes Club performance in Russia. But this project was finally left out.


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