Born in Barcelona (Spain), Kenta, since her childhood, started in the 
art and music world. 
First in dance and pursuing a degree in Theatre Institute of
Barcelona ,and highlighting soon by their perseverance and technique. 
Over time, gains experience in the field, 
participating in numerous festivals and events related to dance, 
Dance and Jazz. 
Suddenly his career had to stop because her  knees, that make multiple passes through surgery and  makes her abandon the professional dance ... 
This does not stop his determination to improve and, once retrieved, picks up the thread 
art, this time in her athletic side. 
Get the title of Technical Sports and begins an education career 
that stretches from 1995 until today. 
While she is working in education in 2002, she was contacted  by several 
musicians, with the intention of forming an orchestra. They realized Kenta's potential and 
dance level and decided to include her on the show as 
In subsequent trials, they decided to test whether she can take part signing some choirs-parts in the show and this is how they realized too that dancing is not her unique artistic side, and finally  they decide to include Kenta as a singer at the end of 2004.

In mid-2009, the creator of a new language for new technologies (called NOL) 
offers Kenta the possibility of recording a Dance-song called "Elo Nol" which 
becomes her first recorded song. 
This is how her musical career begins, with songs in French, 
English, Spanish and “Nol”, with songs from Jordi  Bakés (2010 - "Elo Nol") his producer MIPS (2010 - "Kan Beno Y", "Pas la Guerre", 2011 - "L'important," "In a Dream") and 
with producers like Jose Rico's House (2010 - "Full Moon"), Iñaki Santos 
(2010 - "Je t'aime" 2011 - "Let's Dance") ,Dj Victor Gonzalez (2011 - "On the 
Dance Floor ") and J. Garcia & A. Peret (2011 -" People Want To Party ") 
She is currently linked to several musical projects with Dance and House producers and producing more Spanish subjects by her own. 
She is also involved in the project of the famous Spanish musician & producer called Dj Carlos Jean, this project is called "Plan B" and encourages the 
participation of artists across the Web.
Kenta has done several radio interviews and has appeared on several 
television-shows, she also  had several performances in some venues and discotheques.